Today Dexter Industries launched their latest product, an all-color LED called the dLight. I was involved in the development of the dLights so I got them early. I can also give away one set of dLights to one of my readers. More on that later. Let’s take a look at the dLights firs in this video.

I mounted three dLights underneath Agilis, one under each leg pointing to the wheel. I programmed the dLights to give a color that corresponds to the wheel speed of the particular leg. I think the result looks cool.

If you look closely to the sensor ports in the video, you’ll notice that only one is in use. This is one of the great benefits of the dLights, you can daisy chain them. So one free port is all you need to give a robot multiple lights. One set contains four dLights plus the cables to chain them.

As said, I can give away one set of dLights. If you want this set you just have to reply to this message before the first of April.

You’ll find more info about the dLights on the website of Dexter Industries.