Currently I am developing a new sensor that will be on the market this summer. Although I do not want to give away too much details I would like to share some insight in the development process.

Few months ago I got this idea for a new sensor. Something unlike all the sensors that are available today. I think you’ll want it when you see it. I discussed this idea with John from Dexter Industries and we decided to develop the sensor together. As I had a pretty good idea of the functionality of this sensor we could start selecting parts right away. Once we got the part list together John started drawing a schematic for it. From this we ordered some prototype boards. John soldered all the parts on it. I’m still amazed how he did that. Man, these parts are small!

A prototype serves as a proof of concept and also to find any design errors. There are always design errors. In this case we forgot to wire the power line. As a result the prototype was dead. Luckily John managed to add the wiring for the power line and the sensor came to life. It immediately was clear to us that the sensor was what we expected it to be. I wrote a driver for it and started testing. How very nice! My 10 year old son liked it very much, he even built a test device for me.

There are some other small errors on the prototype that are being corrected at the moment. When these are fixed we can start thinking of a first production run. Once this is on its way I will show the sensor to you and organize another giveaway 🙂

I’m pretty sure you’ll like our sensor, so stay tuned.