I am proud to announce the winner of the dIMU giveaway. And the winner is Ray McNamara with his Mars Rotacaster rover. This is what Ray is going to do with the sensor.

I’m currently working on my Mars Rotacaster Rover (http://www.rjmcnamara.com/?p=4571), based on the latest NASA Rovers sent to Mars. Currently I’m using a HiTechnic Accelerometer to keep the Chassis Horizontal at all times, independent of the ‘Roker-Bogie’ Suspension.

With access to the Dexter Industries IMU sensor, I could not only control chassis alignment, but also regulate the heading of the robot travels. The drive/power from the wheel motors could be controlled, in order to keep the robots direction of travel constant, even if the wheels on one side are forced to travel further due to uneven terrain.

I choose Ray’s entry for a number of reasons. His idea uses both the accelerometer, to keep level, and gyro, to keep direction. Also, the robot has an innovative suspension system and it does exists already. So there is a good chance that we’ll be seeing the robot delivering a glass of water over rough terrain without spilling any soon. I’m looking forward to the video. Ray, congratulations!