Here is a short update of my works.

I’m doing two projects at the same time.
First, there is Sidbot. It waits till I master Java threads.
Second, I’m building a holonomic or Killough pilot in Lejos. This project hangs on me not knowing how far the Robot has travelled. This info is needed for the pilot to work with a navigator.
Actually, my main project now is learning java. This goes well but there us a lot to it.

Few weeks ago I ordered two more BlinkM’s. These are I2C driven all color led’s. I wrote a driver to address these led’s. The led’s are now mounted on each corner of Sidbot. So Sidbot can shine all colors to all Sides of it’s triangular body. Each led is driven individually so each one can have it’s own color. I made a nice flashlight show to test the driver.
I finished drivers for my IMU too. The filter to fuse the signals is also finished but it can’t run in a separate thread yet.

I also have been on holidays and busy with work. But these matters don’t concern this blog.