For my birthday I got the Rotacaster wheels, four of them!

They are nice! A bit smaller than I expected, but the size is perfect. It gave me some new challenges. I never built a triangular robot before.
Below are the first picturesof my triangular robot. For prototype I’m rather pleased with it, it is compact, lightweight and sturdy. The only real issue with the robot is that I cannot replace the batteries without removing the NXT from the chassis.

The robot features a US-sensor, giving it a face and a front side, a Mindsensors medium range distance sensor, a Hitechnic gyro sensor and a Mindsensors accelerometer. There is a Mindsensors sensor port splitter on the bottom of the robot that it is out of view. Currently only the gyro is functional, it helps the robot to keep its orientation.

There is not much programming done yet. The only new stuff I wrote thus far deals with driving. The robot can drive in any direction. It can spin around its vertical axis and it can orientate itself in a certain direction. It can do all off this at the same time. It is really funny to look at the robot performing some of the patterns that I used for testing.
I’m not sure what kind of behaviour I will give this robot. My son wants to control it with a joystick. So that might be the first thing to implement.

The robot does not have a name yet. Any suggestions?