This post gives some details and pictures about FreeRover steeering mechanism.

The first picture shows the gear train from the steering motor to the pininion. The pinion is the right most black gear. The rack is removed for this picture.

The second and third pictures show the rack.

The next picture show the gear train from the driving motor to the right front wheel. (The car is head down.) There are three gears. The bigger black gear is attached to the driving motor with an axle. This gear is still fixed to the car frame. It transfers its motion to the smaller black gear, this gear is attached to the right steering axle. This is important as it allows the gear train to take corners. The last gear, the gray one, is displaced on this picture. Otherwise the smaller black gear would not be visible. If it is in place, as shown on the other picture, it is in touch with the small black gear under a 90 degree angle. The gear train makes an angle from a motion in a horizontal plane to a vertical plane needed to drive the wheel.  The gray gear and the wheel are on the same axle.
Also notice that the rack is attached on these pictures, you’ll find it in the upper part of the picture.

This last detailed image shows all the parts in place.